Castleman Ave Christmas 1929

Jim Young (14 months old)
William Young (2 years, 3 months old)
Guy Reading Book (maybe Leo?)
Lady with 2 buttons on blouse with Jim Young on lap
Uncle Martin Dalton (Aunt Celeste's husband)
Uncle Joe Young
Uncle Johnny Young
Guy with vest (Maybe Leo?) with Jim Young
William Young (Mayor) and Jim Young
Bernadine Young
Young Lady1
Katsy Young with Charles
Lady with lacy collar
Bernadine with RoseMarie
Pauline Young (William's Percival's wife)
William Percival Young with daughter RoseMarie (3 months old)
Charles Young
Gertrude Young maybe (Charles's spouse)
Beatrice Young
Outside with Aunt Katsy Young, William Young, Anne Young, Henry Milton Young